Ways To Address Drinking Problem

Alcohol abuse is rampant throughout the world. Its a problem that affects both men and women, young and old, white or black, it does not care. It does not even look on how successful you are in life or relationships. Only one thing is sure: once the addiction gets hold of you, problems are bound to follow.


Drinking problems leads to failing relationships, career issues and personal health. Breaking free from the habit’s cold, dark grasp may be difficult but certainly achievable. Letting go of that bottle would prove to be a tough and ardous battle, but rewarding more than any other. Here are a few tips on how to set yourself free from the addiction:

  1. Look at yourself at the Mirror
    Evaluate and ask yourself. Why do I drink? More often than not, the answers are, or at least would be close to, because its fun, I forget my problems or its my stress reliever. Regardless of your reason/s to drink, it should be erased from your mind. Commitment is the key word for this step. No matter how much you ask and check yourself, if you won’t begin travelling the path to an alcohol-free lifestyle: nothing will happen. Embrace your ambivalence and set your sights to a brighter and healthier future.
  2. Avoid temptations
    Do you frequent the bar across the corner? Take a different route then. Office buddies invite you every Thursday and Friday night for one or two rounds? Set a different activity then for those days that involves your non-drinking friends and family. The fridge is always stocked with beer cans? Throw them away and replace it with fruit drinks and such. Eliminating all things that remind you of alcohol is crucial in building your healthier habit.
  3. Withdrawal symptoms
    Brace yourself for things you’ve never experienced at a magnified level. Some of the most common symptoms include Headaches, shaking and sweating. You would feel queasy during this period most of the time, and being tough enough to endure them all is necessary. There is no shortcut or trick to quitting alcohol. Motivating yourself and fighting through the symptoms is an absolute must. As the old saying goes, “No Pain No Gain”. Its very much applicable here.
  4. Rewards system
    If you remember, one of the things that our parents used to push us in to doing our homework is with a reward. Setting a clear and definite rewards system should help solidify your motivation in quitting alcohol. You may even ask the help of your family and friends with this to ensure that you don’t cheat your way through the process.

Rewards can range from material things to sentimental events. Have you ever wanted that pair of sneakers? You may use that as a reward. Or do you miss your best friend who now lives on a different State? Plan the trip and go see your best friend. As you can see, the benefits and joy you reap out of the ordeal is way better and fruitful than drinking.

Seeking professional advice is also recommended. Strategies on how to tackle the problem and testimonies from fellows gives you a better perspective of the problem. There is no shame involved in participating with groups or consulting professionals. The true shame comes from doing nothing with the addiction, not resolving it.