9 Foods That Make You Look Exhausted

You may be at the top of your game, but you certainly don’t look it. Dark circles under the eyes and saggy skin can make you seem exhausted, and it could be because of what you eat. It may not affect your performance (although that’s doubtful), but if you want to look less hangdog and fresher, (and spend less on concealer!) avoid these types of food that make you LOOK exhausted.

Anything with lots of salt

Salt is not bad, per se, but most people overdue the shaker when they use it. The problem with too much salt is it draws moisture from your cells, which leaves you looking like a prune. Use salt sparingly, and definitely stay away from commercial snacks like chips. Check the ingredients for the sodium content per serving. You should only have 1,500 mg a day. If that seems a lot, consider that this is the equivalent of ¾ teaspoons. A one ounce pack of plain potato chips (yes, the little bag) is about 12% of your daily sodium allowance.

Sugary treats

There is no health benefit to anything with processed sugar, and candies are the worst. It will make you look puffy, and it comes with a bonus: sugar crash. You won’t only look tired, you’ll feel tired. Avoid all candies and other sugary treats, such as soda and powdered iced tea.

Sugar substitutes

Sugar substitutes such as aspartame will make your eye bags look worse, and your joint pains more intense, which can make you look and feel tired. If you must have something sweet, eat grapes, and avoid the diet sodas.

Fried foods

Deep fried foods like fries and chicken retains a lot of oil and trans fats. Too much oil in your system clogs your arteries and stiffens your blood cells, which makes your skin look dull. If you like crunchy things, baked are better.

Carbo overload

Carbohydrates are not bad, but too much can make your skin look saggy. Limit your rice or bread intake by taking in a salad or other vegetables for one meal a day.

Fried doughnuts

FitHygiene_DonutsMost commercial doughnuts are fried and loaded with sugar, which is a double whammy for your tired old body. Instead of breakfasting on a store bought doughnut, eat oatmeal instead. You can also try plain yogurt with fruits and nuts. Either alternative is delicious and healthy, and you will look years younger.

Meaty matters

Red meat is delicious, but it also causes wrinkles if you eat it too often. Try to limit your red meat intake to one meal a week, and try other protein sources such as eggs, turkey or tofu.

Deli meats

If red meat is bad for your looks, deli meats are even worse. It is high in sodium and other preservatives that will make you look like a roll of deli meat after a while. If you love your pastrami or salami, limit it to once a week at most.

Spicy stuff

While spicy food may help you lose weight by revving up your metabolism, it does dilate the blood vessels, making your skin look blotchy and irritated. If you want to lose weight and still look young, opt for the less spicy options in the capsicum family of foods, such as sweet green or red pepper, and other mild chilies.