10 Healthy Breakfasts for the Day

After a long day’s sleep, you may need to get those nutrients to jumpstart your metabolism and get yourself to working condition. Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because it breaks your fasting from your twelve hours or so dinner. But recently, most people tend to go for sugary sweets and fat-filled diets to go for their unhealthy lifestyles as their kick-starter for the day. Considering these delicious yet healthiest cuisines, you may toss around your sugar-rich foods and convert yourself with these over the top dishes.

1. Japanese Breakfast

Image Source: Washoku Guide

Steamed rice paired with pickled vegetables, soy beans, and seaweeds. The Japanese people will never consider their breakfast to be complete when there is no fish on the table. Eggs may also be optional to be served on the platter during the day.

2. Vietnamese Breakfast


The people of Vietnam prefer their food to be full of flavors incorporated in their soups and dishes. Pho, a traditional soup in the country, uses bone broth to release the flavor of the guts and joints of the dish. The other components of the meal include bean sprouts, spring onions, mint, cilantro, and roasted peanuts. But keep that in mind that only add a minimum amount of sodium to not overpower the meal.

3. Israeli Breakfast


Shakshuka is the famous dish created by the Israeli people and now considered the required dish to be Israeli. Composed of poached eggs, it is served in tomato mixed with vegetable sauce known as salad katzutz that is mainly cucumber, red onions and bell peppers.

4. Costa Rican Breakfast


Mixtures of rice, cumin, garlic and peppers are the fancied foods of Costa Rican breakfast. Packed with eggs and vegetables like papaya and pineapples, protein and minerals for this breakfast platter is surely attained using this dish.

5. Egyptian Breakfast


Back when the pharaohs ruled the land, a dish called ful medames is common as their starting meal of the day. This breakfast contains stewed beans prepared overnight. It is then mixed with parsley, cumin, garlic, onions, and chili peppers. Chopped boiled eggs are sometimes added to the dish.

6. Turkish Breakfast


The most popular and healthiest breakfast is considered to be owned by the Turkish people as seen from their ingredients. A dish of tomatoes, parsley, olives, white cheese, eggs, honey, and cucumber is sure to be seen on the Turkish table complemented with pastries and don’t forget the tea.

7. Russian Breakfast


Kasha is a staple food and considered to be used by the Russians for numerous years. The food is incorporated with oats, buckwheat or millet cooked in milk, semolina and topped with dried foods and spices with a touch of butter.

8. Malaysian Breakfast


The popular dish in this country is the use of rice and coconut milk in their servings. Known as nasi lemak, the food is sprinkled and dashed with hard boiled eggs and sambal sauce with each serving.

9. Indian Breakfast


Umpa is the favourite dish in the southern part of Asia. Due to the nutritional value of the dish, it also contains all natural herbs and spices with a roast of semolina. Afterwards, it is infused with green chilies, cumin, cilantro and turmeric.

10 Icelandic Breakfast


A special kind of oatmeal exists in Iceland, which is known as hafragrautur. It is cooked in milk, and sprinkled with sweet, brown sugar, raisins, and melon seeds. To complete the dish, it is infused with their own version of Greek yogurt which is called as skyr.