5 Levels of Burpees Exercise Guide for Dummies

People nowadays have become very conscious about their bodies. Despite the fast-paced and time consuming work, office workers will still find time to shop for a healthy meal, or drop by the gym for some workout. Many people even pay for personal trainers just so there will be someone to teach them the proper exercise. There is absolutely no need for a person to spend money just for a workout hat can be done at home. Listed are burpees exercises for a whole body workout for beginners.

First Level

Begin the first level of this routine by doing squat position. Make sure that you are comfortable with your position. Extend your hands with your palm touching the floor, then extend both of your legs. After you have found your balance in that push up position, return to the squat position with your knees placed near your elbows. Tightly press your feet on the floor, then slowly stand up.

Second Level

The second level would require you to do the lowest squat position you can, then slowly touch the ground with your hands. For one last time, put your feet and knees down on the ground. Perform a knee push up, with your chest as low to the ground as possible. Lastly, before you stand up, return to the previous position and do one complete squat.

Photo by: Scott Webb
Photo by: Scott Webb

Third Level

To start this third level, you have to again do a squat position then slowly lengthen both feet behind in one movement. Now that you have successfully put yourself in a push up position, do a complete squat, then slowly glide your feet back to the ground to stand up.

Fourth Level

In the fourth level, you should now be more capable to do faster basic squat thrust routines. Begin this level by doing a squat position while putting your hands on the ground. Maintain your feet backwards, then proceed to doing one complete push up. Bounce back with your feet in the squatting position, and stand quickly.

Photo by: Christopher Campbell
Photo by: Christopher Campbell

Fifth Level

Now that you have reached this level, it means that you should now be stronger and fitter to do squat thrusts as quick as possible. Start by doing a squat position, while extending both of your legs backwards with your hands touching the floor. Put yourself in a low push up position and return your knees to the previous position. After this, tightly press both of your feet to the ground and proceed to jump to a squat position.


In performing these sets of routines, find the most even surface as much as possible. Starting with the first level is the most effective way to successfully execute this whole routine. The gradual increase in the intensity of the work performed in each level helps strengthen your muscles, while enhancing your heart rate and metabolism as well. This is why squat thrusts or burpees are classified as an exercise for the whole body. The more intense the squat thrusts are, the calories that you will burn is definitely bigger.