5 Facts and Myths About Cellulites

Most women tend to get cellulite at a certain period of their time for the even if your lifestyle has the proper diet and exercise that is considered fit and slim. But as natural as getting cellulite today, there are still numerous misconceptions regarding the different causes of its presence and how to completely eradicate such problems. So before putting the blame on different things, purchase high end and very expensive beauty regimens, or do something extreme like surgery or whatnot, it’s necessary for you to identify the real story of these nasty cellulites.


LIE: Cellulite formation is due to the body contains many toxins.

Some over-the-counter cellulite products are claiming that they can eliminate or reduce impurities or toxins in the body. But their claims on their effectiveness or efficiency in removing such toxins in the body which causes cellulites are not even supported entirely by science. These cellulites can commonly occur in the buttocks or thighs, in which fat deposits are located beneath layers and layers of connective tissues and collagen fibers in your skin. But aside from that, it could also be located in different parts of the body. These tissues are weakened by hormonal imbalance, poor physical activities, muscle toning, poor blood circulation, and of course, excess fat accumulation in the body. Cellulite formation is due to numerous things, but “toxins in the body” is certainly not one of it.

LIE: Cellulite formation only occurs on out of shape or unhealthy people

You can merely get cellulites from all age groups and all body sizes. These cellulites are only visible to the naked eye at overweight people due to fat accumulation. These put tensions and strains to the connective tissues which weakens the connection and is prone to accumulation or bulging.


Truth: Men are less likely to have cellulites compared with women.

Women carry more fats located in their thighs and hips and it’s a proven fact. Furthermore, women also contain lower levels of connective tissue in the body to hold or keep such fats in tact to their places. Although these women are prone to cellulite formations, men are not entirely immune to them. Studies show that 10% of the male population suffer from cellulite formation as well.

Truth: Cellulite is contributed through your genes

Cellulite formation does indeed forms in families; if everyone in your ancestry, mostly the female, had cellulites, there is a high chance that you can have cellulites too. Developments in technology already provide genetic tests that are buyable out in the markets that can already determine that you can have cellulites. These tests provide information regarding that particular gene variant that can enhance your body in producing mild to severe cellulite formations.

Truth: Cellulite formation decreases as exercise increases

Exercise may not be the cure to everything but in most cases, it can reduce or prevent its appearance. Weakening of the connective tissues in the body may lessen if physical activities are increased day by day to tighten your skin making these cellulites unnoticeable.