6 Exercises For A Toner, Bigger Butt

Women nowadays are becoming more conscious about their bodies. Some even pay for someone to make their meal plans. One of the body parts that people nowadays like to tone most, aside from the arms and abs, is the buttocks. Listed below are some exercises that will help you tone your buttocks.

Single-Leg Hip Raise

The first step to this exercise is to lie down on your back. Next is to lift and bend your right knee, while retaining your right leg straight. Then, lift your right leg until hip level. Next step is to lift your hips upward with your right leg still straight. Remain in this position for several minutes, and then slowly lie back down. Repeat this step for several times before you switch to your other leg.

Swiss-Ball Hip Raise with Leg Curl

Begin this exercise by lying on the floor with your back, and positioning your lower leg and heels on a Swiss Ball. Lift your hips in a linear form with your knees to your shoulders. Using your heel, roll the Swill ball as close to you as possible. Stay in this position for 2 seconds before rolling the ball away, and then slowly get back to the ground.

Lunge Leg Lift

Begin by standing on your feet, making sure that the distance is shoulder width. The next step is to step your left foot backward in a lunging position while raising your arms forward, shoulder level. While standing up, lift your knee until it reaches hip level, keeping it slightly bent. With your hands on your sides, hinge forward at your hips while extending your left leg behind. Return to the first position with your hands in front of you, while you lunge backward. Repeat this whole process for fifteen to twenty times before switching to the other side.


Hydrants with Leg Extension

Curtsy Lunges

Begin this exercise with your feet on the floor. Keep your knees apart on hip-width and your arms supporting your weight. Raise your left knee and extend it towards the ceiling. Pause with your knee still bent, then return to the starting position. Perform several repetitions within 40-60 seconds on the left foot, and then proceed to switch on your right.

First step in this routine is to stand up with your feet apart; making sure the gap is shoulder-width. With your hands on your hips and keeping it square, cross your right leg behind you, then step backwards while slowly dropping you knees to the floor. Keep your left knee above your left ankle straight. After a short pause, lunge on your left heel, and bring your leg up on a side kick. Perform several repetitions within 45-60 seconds before switching onto your other leg.

Bear Plank Leg Lifts

Begin this exercise in a plank position, keeping your arms straight and supporting the body. Next, bend both of your knees, with the other forming a 90-degree angle. With your foot flexed, squeeze in your hip muscles, and extend your leg as high as possible. Take time to pause for a bit, before doing the next repetitions and switching to the other leg.