5 Benefits of Chewing Gum

chewing gum

Ever heard that chewing gum constantly will not deal you any good for your mouth or teeth? You might want to hear the other side of the story. Actually, chewing a pack of gum can lead to numerous benefits for the body while having that sugary sweetness in your mouth.

Effective Stress Removal

When you feel agitated, stressed or very anxious, chewing a stick of bubble gum can be healthy for you. Chewing can remove that negative energy that you have been accumulating in that nerve-racking environment. It would also be an outlet of your extreme irritation when you are late for work or suddenly forgetting such important reminders; such as your own birthday.

A Great Way to Substitute Coffee

Never been a fan of coffee or energy drinks but need to stay awake? Chewing gum may be an excellent alternative for you. Researches show that chewing gum can eliminate the signs of sleep by improving your mental alertness and increases your focus to a certain extent. Getting that stick of gum from your personal stash can be a simple way to keep your senses alive especially for long distance driving or for all night study sessions.

Chewing Gum Can Reduce Your Appetite

When you feel like reducing your carb consumption but you keep on getting those sweet cravings may be a difficult situation for you. Chewing gums nowadays contains different flavors for your satisfaction. You might never have the guilt of having cheat day all the time because chewing gum can get rid of those cravings full time. Still feeling anxious that chewing gum will easily contribute your body 8 calories? Worry not because chewing your gum for an hour will burn 11 calories.

Eliminates Upset Stomach Aches

Chewing gums may also get rid of stomach aches whenever necessary. Chewing mint-flavored gums can soothe and boost your gastrointestinal movement. At the same time, constantly nibbling on chewing gums would increase saliva production that can neutralize acids in the stomach.

Helps You Maintain those Whitish Teeth

A pack of gum can easily be a cleaning method to your mouth. It is beneficial for the mouth especially gums that containing xylitol, a crystalline alcohol that serves as an artificial sweetener. Aside from making the gum taste exceptionally delicious, this substance also stimulates saliva production which protects the enamel of your teeth making it cleaner with every bite.

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