6 Different Push-up Routines

basic pushup

Basic Push-up

This exercise is the most common and most familiar type of push up. This type places your hands below your shoulders. This training exercise enhances your core, arms, and upper back portion of your body. This initiates a planking position with your shoulders above your waist. Inhale beforehand and exert your force by bending your elbows to the sides while lowering the chest to the floor. Inhale again to push yourself up to your initial position.

Diamond Push-up

diamond push up

This is another variation of the basic method that enhances your triceps. The same procedures apply but only this time, your hands should be placed under the chest while the thumbs and index finger are touching each other, forming a diamond shape.

Spiderman Push-up

This method is very challenging especially to the beginners. This method of exercise challenges your core, upper body, and at the same time, the muscles of your torso. The Spiderman Push-up starts by planking with your hands under the shoulders while forming a straight line. Afterwards, you bend your elbows facing outwards and to the sides, place your left knee towards your left elbow. Always maintain your arms straight as preparing to go back to the original position as well as your left leg. The same applies for the right portion. One whole round is counted as one rep.

Down Dog Push-up

down dog pushup

This is a yoga variation to the basic push up which deals with your laterals, abs, upper back, and calves. Start planking using your elbows instead of your hands and straighten them while exhaling. Pull the navel towards your spine to move your pelvis upwards to form a Down Dog Pose.

Pylo Push-up Prep

This exercise is benefited to the different areas located in your arms and chest. By inhaling minimal amounts of air, you switch sides to complete the routine. To begin, ready your body to a planking position. Move the left hand outwards and to the side while bending your elbows to lower the chest towards the floor. Straighten your arms to go back to the initial position and switch to the other hand.

Push-up Rotation

push up rotation

This variation will get your abs worked out. To begin, straighten your legs behind and your shoulders above your wrists. Keep the back straight when pulling your navel inwards.  As you lower yourself down, bend your elbows toward the sides. Hold this for one breath before going back to the original position. As you reach the topmost pose, release your right arm and raise it to the ceiling forming a diagonal line. Hold this position for one breath and go back to the original position. Do the same for the left arm.

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